Writer Ninja Podcast Episode Two

Now available on iTunes and on this site. In Episode Two, “Making Labor Visible,” Jo invites you to share what you do for a living–or for a life. Next, in a short conversation on MyND Talk with Dr. Pamela Brewer, Jo talks about how the labor of teaching first became visible to her–and how too many people point fingers while glossing over the realities of human lives on and off campus. Finally, Jo introduces the inspiring Austin Kleon, “a writer who draws.”

Writer Ninja Podcast Episode One

Now available on iTunes and on this site. In Episode One, “Remakes and Remixes,” Jo invites you to share your thoughts about (un)necessary film remakes, shares how she wove Margaret Atwood and Mary Kay Letourneau into her essay collection, and introduces you to Deb Koffman’s luminous “Art for the Soul.” Post comments here or send Jo an email!

Speaking of Wisconsin

As cross-country solidarity between teachers and other public workers grows against the tide of attacks in Wisconsin and other states, take a listen as Jo talks about real-time classroom labor with Wisconsin radio host Terry Lawler on “Education Matters.”

Chat With Women Interview

Jo talks with Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff on Talk Radio Seattle’s “Chat With Women” about how a stronger alliance between teachers and parents is necessary to ensure kids’ mental health and safety in schools.

RH Reality Check with Amanda Marcotte

In the wake of the shooting in Marinette, Wisconsin, Jo talked with Amanda Marcotte on the United Nations' "RH Reality Check" podcast about what happens before a gun goes off on campus.
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