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Love and Mercy, Not Blood and Bullets

For almost four years now, as I’ve completed a second book, 1966 has weighed heavily on my mind. Maybe you were born that year, or one of your siblings was. Maybe you got married then, or your parents did. Perhaps you graduated, or got drafted. Maybe you lost someone—to distance, disease, or drinking; to random […]

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“One Magnificent Life” with Dr. Pamela Brewer: Pacifica WPFW in Washington, DC

A more candid and personal look at the origins of Teacher at Point Blank. On this nationally syndicated episode of “MyND Talk,” Jo shares with Dr. Brewer about childhood in North Dakota, the complex dynamics of her conservative military family, her own experiences with bullying as a junior-high kid, and her journey forward towards a […]

RH Reality Check with Amanda Marcotte

In the wake of the shooting in Marinette, Wisconsin, Jo talked with Amanda Marcotte on the United Nations’ “RH Reality Check” podcast about what happens before a gun goes off on campus.

Teacher at Point Blank: Interview on “Conversations” in Seattle 103.7 FM

Jo talks with host Lizz Sommars on Seattle’s The Mountain 103.7 FM about real-life problems in classrooms, why teachers aren’t taken seriously, causes of student hostility, and the problem of “failure” in education. Is the devil in the data? What kind of research are pundits really paying attention to when offering solutions about school achievement, […]