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My Writing Process These Days

Thanks to Joshunda Saunders for inviting me to participate in this blog tour! Joshunda is one of the most insightful and prolific writers I’ve had the good fortune to meet, read, and commiserate with in the past two years. You can check out her terrific blog, including her own reflections on process, right here. 1. […]

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The Next Big Thing

Thanks to Donna Hilbert author of the new poetry collection The Congress of Luminous Bodies (Aortic Books) for tagging me in THE NEXT BIG THING What is the title or working title of your book? Tripwires and Trigger Fingers. Where did the idea come from for the book? For my first book, Teacher at Point […]

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Writer Ninja Podcast Episode 8: Starting from Scratch

What have you made from scratch lately–whether it’s something to eat, wear, use at home, or give away? We may live in a world that often feels prefabbed, but there are plenty of opportunities for us to contribute pieces of ourselves to make things better or more interesting. Tune in to the Writer Ninja Podcast, […]

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Writer Ninja Podcast Episode 7: Boundary Crossing

You may have missed Stephanie Barb√© Hammer’s fabulous reading from Sex with Buildings (Dancing Girl Press) at Riverside Arts Walk September 6, but it’s never too late to visit her website, Magically Real. Also catch our chat about genre bending and blending on the latest Writer Ninja Podcast, available on iTunes and on this site. […]

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Book Recommendations: Writer Ninja Ep 4 and 5

Looking for the perfect blend of literature and community? Visit the San Gabriel Valley Litfest, coming in 2013. Meanwhile, as promised, here are links to the most recent books recommended on the latest episodes of Writer Ninja Podcast. Check them out! From Episode Four, “Mothers and the Others” Bearing Life: Women’s Writing on Childlessness, edited […]

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Writer Ninja Podcast Episode Five

Episode Five, “The Gift of Consent,” now available on iTunes and on this site. Jo asks for your thoughts on how important consent is to any authentic learning experience, both inside and outside traditional learning situations. She also interviews writer John Brantingham, author of East of Los Angeles (a poetry collection), and professor extraordinaire of […]

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Writer Ninja Podcast Episode Four

Episode Four, “Mothers and the Others, ” now available on iTunes and on this site. What does a happily married woman with no kids have in common with a happily married mother of three–who’s now expecting her fourth child? More than you might think. Drop your stereotypes and listen as Jo chats with Lindsey Frandsen, […]

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Creative Tools–from Barry Michels and Phil Stutz

As promised on Writer Ninja Podcast Episode Three, here’s a thought-provoking set of insightful tools for thinking about that “block” you keep having. Maybe you’re clinging to it! Let go! The toolkit appeared online in early 2011 in the New Yorker. Therapists Michels and Stutz have been getting a lot of media play recently for […]

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You know you’re on the Z-List when…

Working writers and artists share their commiserations about life on the Z-list.¬† Jo sent out a call for funny, snarky, and sometimes sad stories. Each contributor finished this sentence: You know you’re on the Z-list when… Susan Straight‘s latest novel is Take One Candle Light a Room. “When you finish your reading at the ________ […]

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Writer Ninja Podcast Episode Three

What music, art, or artists inspire you as a writer? as a thinker? as a human being? Who–or what–gets your imagination unstuck? What is the “Z-list” (whatever your field of expertise!)–and how can you claim your zen there? Check out Epidode Three of the Writer Ninja Podcast on iTunes or here at the site. Jo […]